About us


Hello there! I'm Chae, the curator, and creator of MALLANG STUDIOS. Teri, a designer and photographer, and I work together in Germany and South Korea. We are doing very creative work in various fields. Our work is particularly focused on designing spaces, which is why we run mallang.com.

The space we stay in for quite some time has a very big impact on our minds and mental health. So it is very important to make the space a place that can give us comfort, joy, relaxation, or inspiration.
We sell high-quality digital printable wall art here to decorate any such space: living room, kitchen, kid's room, bedroom, bathroom, or office. You can purchase printable digital art and then download and print it at home or at a professional print shop near you. This will help save the planet by reducing carbon emissions by replacing long-distance transportation.



One day, I was testing a new cosmetic product. I was pleasantly surprised when I smelled the product. The scent that is so familiar, but I had forgotten, brought back my old faded memories. Ordinary sweet and sour childish but not humble?! The important thing is that it was very lovely. Perhaps you have had this kind of experience in your life. Didn't these situations and emotions make you happy all day long? Or didn't it present a butterfly to your heart? We can't deliver this scent directly to you, but we wanted to share these feelings in a way that we could. So we decided to put our favorite pieces on LoveCherryAlmond. We hope that this place will be like a memory that the lovely scent presents to you.


Meglio Prints

Vintage artworks that will be loved for a long time, perhaps forever, are expertly restored, digitally remastered, and completed through the reproduction of various tones such as muted colors. It will bring an aesthetic ambiance to your traditional as well as contemporary interiors. As a result, they add coziness and elegance to traditional interiors and an eclectic vibe to modern spaces.


With lots of love,
Chae & Teri