Café Luftballon

2014 – 2018


Dear friends,

Hi, I am Chaé.😊 I opened Café Luftballon in Weimar, Germany in August 2014 and baked delicious, sweet and beautiful cupcakes with natural ingredients and served it with bio, fairtrade coffee and tea also we were able to enjoy pretty jewelry. Unfortunately, due to the wrong information of the German handicraft policy , we had to close the cafe in 2018. It’s not a good thing, but I think I learned a lot and decided to sell the jewelry also other beautiful items on the internet as a collecting shop name is Mallang. We cannot sell cupcakes right now but hope to see you again at a place like Café Luftballon someday:)

Thank you so much!

With Big Love💕,



Choco Caramel Nut

Choco Almond Strawberry

Coco Pine

Banana Caramel


Strawberry Marshmallow

Chocolate with Cherry

Caramel Mocha

Apple Mango

Red Velvet

Caramel Choco Marshmallow

Emmental Cheese

On The Cloud

Choco Cinnamon

Oreo Nut

Vanilla Pop


Choco Pop

Choco Raspberry

Strawberry Honey

Green Tea

Vanilla Coconut


Choco Bee

Choco Oreo

Earl’s Apple

Choco Mango

Red Beet

Gâteau Au Chocolat

Carrot Cake

Chocolate Swamp

Easter Special Cupcake

Berry Berry

Lemon Meringue

Earl & Macaron

Banana Caramel

Earl’s Orange

Caramel Popcorn

Green Pink